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Facts and Statistics

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High-Speed Collisions in Statesboro, GA

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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that in 2013 high-speed collisions were a part of approximately 30% of fatal crashes. In a high-speed collision, an automobile undergoes such extreme force that its structure is unable to protect its passengers from becoming seriously injured or killed.

When you speed:

·     The distance that you travel after you see an emergency and react to it increases.

·     The distances needed for stopping a vehicle increases.

·     As speed increases a crash’s severity increases.

·     When there is speeding involved, a seat belt and airbag are less effective.

When a high-speed auto accident takes place, the emotional and physical recovery that the innocent survivors must go through can be incredibly expensive and terribly painful.

Texting While Driving is Dangerous and Sometimes Fatal

Although we are all very aware of how dangerous it is to text while driving, texting has emerged as among the most dangerous of all distractions for the drivers in our nation. There have been many fatal accidents across the country that have involved text messaging.

A State Farm study released in late 2012 found that among drivers age 18 to 29, almost half (48%) accessed the Internet on a cellphone while driving. One-third of those drivers (36%) read social media networks while driving. Almost half of those drivers (43%) checked their email while driving.

In 2013, a study by the Texas A&M Transportation Institute found that driver response times were significantly delayed when texting with both methods (manually texting and voice activated texting), taking drivers about twice as long to react as when not texting.

In 2010, Georgia passed OCGA 40-6-241.2 which made texting while driving illegal in the state of Georgia. It’s not just dangerous, it’s now also illegal. If you are involved in an accident where texting may be the cause, it’s important that you speak with us right away in order to possibly obtain phone records which may help in providing necessary evidence for the case.

Stop texting while you are driving now!

Drunk Driving Accidents

When it comes to drunk driving, people need to understand that it is actually a choice. We all are very aware of the risks of drinking and driving.

However, too many individuals end up taking that chance anyway. Tragically, on our country’s roads today drunk driving is among the leading causes of death and injuries.

Whenever a driver makes the decision to break the law and drive an automobile after drinking, they have made the decision to gamble with other people’s lives.

Drunk driving automobile accidents frequently result whenever a driver rear-ends another car, makes the wrong turn ahead of oncoming traffic, drives too slowly or speeds. In some cases, the individual who supplied the alcohol might also be found negligent.

A drunk driving accident victim is frequently left with emotional trauma that is overwhelming, in addition to personal injuries that are expensive and often debilitating. Injuries may include anything from death or complete paralysis down to minor scratches.

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